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Satu (azileea)
07 February 2013 @ 12:39 pm

by azileea

Mostly friends only, please comment so I can add you.

life, fangirling, living with anxiety etc.

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Satu (azileea)
13 December 2013 @ 08:17 pm
windows screenshot

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Music: Ed Sheeran - I See Fire
Satu (azileea)
27 November 2013 @ 05:59 pm
I have a sore throat and feel a bit feverish. >__> (And I can't check since I can't find my thermometer. Crap.) Work was insane today. There are a lot of people on sick leave so it's busy busy busy. Stress stress stress. I didn't even have time to drink a cup of tea today!
Satu (azileea)
19 November 2013 @ 09:27 pm
I totally made my kindergarteners do gym to MMMBop by Hanson today. xD It was awesome. Then I got a bit excited and put it on repeat..
One 4-year-old told me after that "Satu, the music was nice". Ace! (Although he might've meant the badass south-american indian music I played at the end during relaxation..)

Anyway, I was on fire. xD
Satu (azileea)
09 June 2013 @ 11:23 pm
I had expiring movie tickets so I went to see three movies in two days. (Compared to last year when I went to the movies only once.)

I won't give anything away. (:

Star Trek Into Darkness 3D ****
Friday evening.
Yes, I went because of Benedict Cumberbatch. Obviously. Naturally. I hadn't watched Star Trek before this. Ever. Of course I had heard about Spock and Kirk and was interested in learning more. I was scared that I wouldn't understand anything because I hadn't watched Star Trek before. But it was ok, I enjoyed the film. I would've propably enjoyed it more if I had seen more of the series though.
Benedict was good. Man, his voice was heard before seeing him and I was asdfghjkl. Surprisingly I enjoyed Spock and Kirk more than Benedict's Khan. Special effects and 3D were cool, it was even a bit Avatar-ish. I definitely want to see more Star Trek, Benedict or no Benedict.

The Great Gatsby 3D ***
Saturday afternoon.
I would've liked to read the book first but hadn't got time. It's definitely on my reading list. Didn't know anything about the plot beforehand.
I actually forgot that this was Baz Luhrman's film before the very Moulin Rouge -ish party scenes (which I loved). The movie was beautiful but it left me a bit cold. I adore Leonardo DiCaprio but waited more from his character (Gatsby himself). Tobey McGuire was ok. Carey Mulligan is so beautiful. I think she was best.

Iron Man 3 3D *****
Saturday evening.
What can I say? Second time and it was still awesome. I love Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark. Rebecca Hall was good in her supporting role too. I didn't feel like crying this time (xD) but Tony's panic attacks got me still. I feel you, bro. "I am - Iron Man"
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Satu (azileea)
09 March 2013 @ 09:25 pm
I watched Batman Begins for the first time yesterday.

I've seen The Dark Knight a few times (LOVE it) and went to see The Dark Knight Rises when it came out. So I watched the trilogy in the wrong order.
Batman Begins was my least favourite easily. The most exciting part was at the end when Gordon showed Batman the Joker card. And music by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard.
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